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Turn Your Desktop into an Inspirational Creative Hub

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Modular Design

It is super easy to assemble and vary the shape of your modular MOOZ. 

With 3 different shapes, you can adjust the speed and make it a high resolution 3D printer within a few seconds!

We designed a new type of linear module, which can be used in any of x, y, z direction and performs high precision linear motion.

High precision, stable and durable

MOOZ uses a solid aluminum alloys construction, an all-metal hot end and precision acme lead screws, giving it precision print quality and consistent performance.

The single-axis slide of MOOZ delivers extremely high precision. The all-metal design ensures you get a high-quality masterpiece, and reliable 3D printing experiences!

Make your desk into an inspirational workshop!

As a maker, you might be disappointed at the huge, expensive but single-functional 3D printers.

MOOZ is a perfect combination of 3D Printer, laser engraver, and CNC machine with interchangeable heads. You will never miss any opportunity to fast-prototype your fancy ideas.

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